Exclusive Offer! Bundle Rosco Vision Systems and Mobileye
$31.00 per month/vehicle*

*Does not include $25 monthly service.  60 month term.

VEDR & LDW Incentive Timelines

 DEADLINE = March 31st 2017 – $1,700 Incentive

April 1st, 2017 to May 31st 2017 – $850 Reimbursement

June 1st, 2017 to August 31st 2017 – $0 Reimbursement


Rosco is the largest supplier of automotive vision safety products to the bus and truck marketplace.

Rosco’s new Dual-Vision XC4 dual camera recorder is among the latest product offerings from Rosco. The Continuous HD Video and Event Recorder offers new features that puts Rosco above the fold.

  • +HD Quality Video
  • +Continuous & Event Recording
  • +Wi-Fi Capable for Easy File Downloads
  • +4G Cellular Capable for Real-Time Video Review and Download
  • +RoscoLive Cloud-based Storage
  • +Live GPS


DV440 Hardware

  • +Dual-Vision XC4 Recorder with 2 Camera Views
  • +PDC Module
  • +Mounting Bracket with GPS
  • +Applicable Hardware for Mounting, Connections & Cables

The Mobileye system utilizes an intelligent vision sensor that views the road ahead, like a bionic eye. It can identify objects in your driver’s path that may pose threats, such as other vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians.

The system continuously measures the distance and relative speeds of these objects to calculate the risk of your driver colliding with them.

  • +Daylight Pedestrian, Bicycle Collision & Forward Collision Warning
  • +Highway and Urban Areas
  • +Includes Motorcycle Detection
  • +Headway Monitoring & Warningli>
  • +Traffic Sign Recognition
  • +Speed Limit Indication


Mobileye 560 Hardware

  • +Vision Sensor with High Dynamic Range
  • +CMOS Camera + EyeWatch Display & Control Unit
  • +SeeQ2 Image Processing Board
  • +Bluetooth + High Quality Audio Alerts

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